16 Channel Isolated Digital Interface, Peer-to-Peer – ready, Power Over COM - solution

  • Simple POC Solution
  • 8 Isolated Digital Inputs
  • 3 to 30VDC Input Range
  • 8 Isolated Digital Outputs
  • 10 to 30VDC @ 0.7Amp
  • Fully Protected Power Outputs
  • Communication Range over 1KM
  • Communication Speed over 230Kbps
  • Power Over Communication
  • Peer-to-Peer operation ready
  • CAT5 simple wiring
  • Fits where Wireless doesn’t


The IA-3881-5 is a simple POC solution, Power over Communication line solution, mainly to monitor and control remote systems, remote buildings and factory floor by using a Host PC computer, or it can easily be used as an interface between Control Stations and their controlled facilities, without the need of neither computer hardware nor software. Monitoring and control is still available, and can be carried out both by local computers and by the Internet. The IA-3881-5 unit features 8 Isolated Digital Inputs and 8 Power Isolated Digital outputs, while other members of this product family include Relays, Stepper Drivers and more. This device, the IA-3881-5 unit is capable of driving over 5Amp @ 30VDC, 0.7Amp per port. Intelligent-Appliance POC solution is capable of an operation over a long distance of over 1KM, providing high communication rate of over 230Kbps and includes CAT5 simple wiring solution. A traditional screw terminal port is available as well. Local Power Supply may be added to each device as needed, without the need of special Injection units. The software support includes DOT.net Library, setting and configuration utilities, as well as open source software examples for fast and easy system implementation.