Solid State Relay, 4-32VDC, 48-250VAC, 25A, Zero-Cross, +MOS Protection +LED +Cover +Pad .

  • Zero switching
  • 25A @ 48-280VAC
  • 4-32 DC input
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Dielectric strength: 2500VACrms
  • LED indication
  • Internal MOV protection circuit
  • Shock Protection Cover included
  • Heat Transfer Mounting Pad included


The KSI240D24LM/K is a Panel Mounting Solid State Relay that can handle AC Line Voltage in the range of 85 to 280VAC at an output current of up to 25Amp. This SSR is controlled by 4-32VDC, Optic Isolated, MOS Protected and includes an important transparent Guarding Plastic Cover and Thermal transfer Mounting Pad.
It makes an excellent power expansion to any Relay or Digital output device that should control a High Power Load while keeping the PC and the Controller Isolated and free of the extreme EMI/RFI switching noise. It should be mounted on a Metal Panel or on an appropriate Heat Sink to handle over 10Amp Load.