48 channel Digital I/O Solid-State Relay board, Isolated USB or RS-232 Controlled, IA Series-3000 Daisy-Chain

  • 48-ch Digital I/O
  • 24-ch Solid-State Relays
  • Functions as Power Digital Outputs
  • With Output Current rating of 1Amp
  • 24-ch Digital Inputs
  • Maximum Leakage Current less than 10 micro AMP
  • 3.3V to 30V Input Range
  • Supports wet and “Dry-Contact”
  • Isolated USB Port for Host Isolation
  • Dual Watchdog Protection
  • Inductive Load Protection on each output
  • Din-Rail Mounting Ready


The IA-3124-U2i is a 48-ch Digital I/O Industrial Controller with a Sink Current of up to 1Amp on each output channel and an input voltage range of up to 30VDC. This Power Digital I/O Controller is an ideal Solenoid/Valve/LED controller with the fastest response time and endless operation life while comparing to original relay kind solution. The IA-3124-U2i includes an Isolated USB Port that isolates the Host Computer from the IA-3124-U2i I/O lines and from its power supply. In this way the Host Computer is actually isolated from the Factory Floor, the Building wiring net etc., while the IA-3000 Series product may be transparently chained, sharing the same Power-Supply, providing latency free efficient Monitor and Control System.