2 Channel Analog Input, 2 Channel Relay, USB Powered and Control

  • Dual 16bit Analog Input channels
  • Voltage and Current capabilities
  • Delta Sigma Technology
  • Accuracy 0.1%
  • Onboard Basic Level Control
  • Unique module ID
  • SPDT/SPST Relays
  • Din-Rail mounting ready
  • Wide software support package


The IA-3340-U is a dual channel 16bit Analog input module with both, Voltage and Current capabilities. The IA-3340-U is USB powered and USB controlled, providing the most popular measurement ranges, of 20mA and 10V. The IA-3340-U may be used either as two stand-alone Analog Level comparators with relay outputs, or it can be used as an Analog Input device and two Random operated relays, controlled by a PC or PLC. The module software support includes DOT.net library and open source software examples to help a short system implementation.