RS-232 Isolator

  • RS-232 Optic Isolation
  • DB9 Male/Female Connectors
  • Direct Pin-to-Pin cables
  • 1200-115200 Baud Rate
  • Din-Rail Mounting Ready


The IA-2100 is Series-3000, RS-232 Optic-Isolator. This adaptor may be added to any RS-232 controlled system for better handling Ground Loops and better protection the Host PC from Factory Floor EMI/RFI noise interference. The IA-2100 can be easily connected between the Host PC to the Series-3000 I/O controller while using standard DB9 Male/Female Cables. No additional-Power Supply is needed. The-IA-2100 Isolator unit is powered by the Series-3000 I/O Controller.