8 Channel Power Relay, 8-ch Digital Input w.Panel, RS-232

  • 8 Power Relays
  • 8 Switch/Digital inputs
  • RS-232-C Bidirectional Control
  • Multi Operation Modes
  • Chain up to 256 units to a single PC Port
  • Interrupt on Input Change, Ready
  • Peer to Peer operation Ready
  • 12VDC Supply Voltage
  • Unlimited Switches Input on each channel
  • Smart Home Relay Controller


The IA-3088 is a Multi way Relay Controller that includes 8 Power Relays with an output rating of 10Amp @ 230VAC, 8 Digital Inputs and a Serial Communication Port. The relays may be operated by the corresponding Digital Inputs, by a predefined internal logic, by a host controller like a PC computer or by a combination of the last two. The IA-3088 Relay Controller is enclosed in a compact size enclosure, DIN-Rail mounted, with an optional Monitor and Control panel for local testing and manual operation as Smart Home Relay controller. The IA-3088 Relay Controller supports an easy set “Peer-to-Peer” operation mode without the need for code writing. A simple and easy to operate, transparent Daisy-Chain facility, is built into the RS-232 version, while both RS-485 and RS-232 versions support the same software and hardware features, excluding communication range which stands at over 1KM for RS-485 and 15 meters for RS-232. The IA-3088 Software Package includes DOT.net Library, Open Source Code Examples and an operation utility for fast system integration.