16 Channel 2Amp @ 30VDC Common Shared SPDT Relay USB Controlled Board

  • 16 SPDT form C relays.
  • USB Powered and Controlled.
  • 8/16 Bussed Common.
  • User LED and jumper.
  • Built-in Watchdog Protection
  • Open Source Code Samples
  • Compact Sized
  • DIN RAIL Mounted.


The IA-2116-U is a tiny and intelligent 16 Relays module, powered and controlled by any USB port. The IA-2116-U provides both NO and NC (Normally Open and Normally Close) channels, while the relays common line is shared between 8 or 16 relays, to ease the wiring efforts. The IA-2116-U is one of the IA-21xx Tiny Modules Series, providing 16 Form C (SPDT) kind Relays, with a power handling capability of 1 AMP @ 30VDC. The module has special features as a LED and extra Jumper for user special definition, and it is software compatible to the other IA series products. For an Independent relays kind version, kindly refer to IA-2117-U, with same footprint and same relay count.