About Us

Intelligent Appliance is a Designer and Manufacturer specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, Communication, Peer to Peer, Digital and Analog I/O modules, USB Relay board Controllers, RS-232 and Motion Control building blocks.


We perform research and product development for both public and private organizations in the fields of motion control, smart instrumentation and technological assessment of control systems in buildings and industry. We release an annual amount of around 10 new products.


Since its establishment in 2000, the company has set out to develop cutting edge modular building blocks that blend the most up-to-date control knowledge with HMI features. These modules enable users to define their own needs and to select and integrate the most appropriate corner stones for their control systems, and to operate their systems successfully.


Our years of experience in developing hardware, software and data processing techniques for intelligent control instruments places Intelligent Appliance in an optimal position to assist clients in designing and building dedicated systems.


Today several companies use Intelligent Appliance products in different applications such as:

Electronic Manufacturing Assemblies

Automatic Data Acquisition Systems

Industrial Robotic Automation

Machine Automation and Control- Automobile Manufacturer & Candy Manufacturer

Smart Home Systems, Multi Room and Home Control Systems

Automatic Test Systems

Automation Solutions

Medical Automation

Torque Control and Measurement

Managed Print Service Program

Imaging Solutions

Fire Safety

Control Vehicle Systems

Emissions Control

Green Energy and Solar Panel Controlling


We are always expanding our global presence and seek well-established technical based companies to distribute our products in different regions.


Tel: 972 9 8333 022

Fax:972 9 8332 965

Mail: PO 928 Netanya 42140, Israel



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