Flexible Device, Perfect Control: USB controlled 96 channel Digital I/O Module

Alongside one of our popular web controlled rely board IA-2660-E and according to the popular demand, Intelligent-Appliance, a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent relay modules, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems, announces a new USB controlled version of the 96 channel Digital I/O device – the IA-2660-Ui

This new Digital I/O Module, features 96 digital Channels arranged in12 groups of 8 Digital I/O each. Each group can be individually configured as Input or Output. Each Digital Output group’s state may be independently configured as Active or as High-State.

All Under Control
Controlling the 96 channels on the IA-2660-Ui is similar to the control options used in the ethernet controlled model.
There are 3 control options for each channel output state:
- A 96 channel command: using this command will affect all Output channels simultaneously
- A group command: this command will affect a group of eight channels simultaneously, and can be used to control one group at a time
- A single command: this command will affect a single channel at a time

Retrieving the output Registers state can also be done in one of 3 ways:
- At the device level: retrieving the registers state of the 96 channels simultaneously
- At a group level: retrieving the registers state of a defined group of 8 channels simultaneously, each group at a time
- At a channel level: retrieving the registers state of single specific channel

This channel state read can be used for both Input and Output monitoring.

Sync Options
The IA-2660 allows the retrieval of input state using the software or using a hardware trigger. Updating the outputs can also be initiated by using a software command or by a hardware trigger.

Power Options
The internal power supply of the new USB controlled device can be set by software to either 3.3V or to 5V, effecting inputs and outputs, in order to establish a better fit and to better interact with external 2.7 to 5V operated devices.

Software care package
The IA-2660-Ui, like all other Intelligent-Appliance modules, is accompanied by a full software support package: .Net library, various open source examples, and software utilities which are thoughtfully designed to enable the quickest and smoothest integration and implementation of this module into the desired application.

Additional features
The IA-2660-Ui is ready to be both mounted by DIN rail or to be wall mounted.
Following Intelligent Appliance policy and procedures, The IA-2660-Ui modules are up to the highest standards - CE, FCC Approved, ROHS compliant.

The new USB controlled 96 channel Digital I/O module joins the wide verity of feature rich, user friendly, and intelligent industrial relay boards developed and manufactured by Intelligent Appliance.
For more information, please refer to our website: intelligent-appliance.com or contact us at sales@intelligent-appliance.com.

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