New Ethernet Relay board includes 48 Power Relays and local expansion capability

Intelligent-Appliance announced a new Industrial Relay board supporting 48 Power Relays and a local expansion capability of handling hundreds of relays through a single IP port.

This latest addition to Intelligent-Appliance Power Relay Controllers, the IA-3152-E, is TCP/IP controlled, based on 48 Power Relays, with a current rating of 7 Amps at 250VAC or 30VDC, handling a total of 60KVA or 7.2KW.

Each IA-3152-E board includes 8 Relay groups. Each group is wired separately in order to fit a separate Circuit Breaker for each group for additional safety and control.
Handling several to tens of card on each location is made easy thanks to the Series-3000 command set which includes board address within the command.

The IA-3152-E, following Intelligent-Appliance product standards, is compatible with the leading industry standards CE, FCC and RoHS.
This new web controlled 48 channel relay board can be used in factory automation applications - connecting machines, and systems to a network, allowing them to communicate with each other and become an intelligent system where individual units influence each other automatically to maximize quality and throughput.

Software support package for the IA-3152-E includes Visual Studio DLL, Open Code software examples, and software utilities for immediate operation and software commands evaluation.

This new web controlled 48 power relay board is joining a long line of feature reach, reliable and cutting edge products developed by Intelligent-Appliance including Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, Communication, Peer to Peer, Digital and Analog I/O modules, USB Relay board Controllers, RS-232 and Motion Control.

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