New Mini Industrial Relay Controller Line with LAN (TCP/IP) Interface.

Intelligent-Appliance announces the new Mini Industrial Relay Controller Line with LAN (TCP/IP) Interface.

Intelligent Appliance, leading technology developer and manufacturer, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control modules, is pleased to announce its latest advancements IA-3721-E Series of LAN Ethernet Industrial Relay Controllers.
The IA-3721-E is a Small Footprint TCP/IP I/O device, designed to fit into space limited solutions, providing two channels Relay solution, SPST, SPDT one each and two most feature Digital Input channels.
The IA-3721-E can be used either as a DHCP Server or as a Static IP device, set via its built in web page.
The IA-3721-E supports “Dry-Contact” inputs and outputs, can serve as dual 32-bit event counters at an input frequency rate of up to 3KHz, defined by a software controlled Filter.
The IA-3721-E Digital and Counter data may be logged either by polling or by an automatic report mechanism, initiated by Input Status change or time period.

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