Can an Industrial Grade Relay Board be price competitive too?

At Intelligent-Appliance it is considered as it can. Their hot product the IA-2216-2, 16 Channels Power Relay board provides 10Amp@250VAC contact rating, with an exceptional 1Amp@80VDC (!) feature is priced remarkably low.

Intelligent-Appliance, leading technology developer and manufacturer, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems, is pleased to announce its latest product, IA-2216-2, smart power relay controller.
The IA-2216-2 is originally RS-232 controlled, but it can be easily modified into WIFI or Ethernet operated, simply by attaching an Intelligent-Appliance transparent adaptor that needs no additional power source nor additional wiring.
More over, there are two power options 12V or 24VDC while both of them include pluggable connectors for fast and easy maintenance.
The software support package includes Labview drivers, Dot.Net library, open source example code and operational utilities.

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