New Class Library API for Relay Controller Hadrware

Intelligent-Appliance announces the release of a Class Library Application Program Interface (API) for their Industrial Relay Controller Boards

Intelligent-Appliance manufactures Industrial Relay Controller boards, with many Digital Input / Output Channels. Now they offer the newly released Class Library API of the DLL (dynamic link library) downloadable for free on the website.

The Class Library API (Application Program Interface) is written in and for a .Net framework for controlling Intelligent Appliance's Industrial Relay Controller Boards in an object oriented environment. The DLL User Manual is a part of the upcoming SDK (software Development Kit) supplied by Intelligent-Appliance.

Also available are Free Downloadable Source Code Examples in C++ CLI, C# and written in a Microsoft Studio 2012 environment and adjusted for visual studio 2008. The sample program shows how intuitive is it to write a basic and simple application for monitoring and controlling Intelligent-Appliance’s devices. The code can be easily adjusted for ones needs, enabling a smooth start at the programming project. Examples in C++, Java and Labview are expected to be released as well.

Users, such as Cisco and Intel, are expected to implement the software in applications such as Security and Defense, Automatic Testing Equipment, Industrial Automation, Automatic Data Acquisition Systems, Building Control, Traffic and Automotive Control, and Renewable Energy.

The Class Library API and the new source code examples are provided as a part of the Relay Controllers free software support package.

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