IA-3133-U2i, Dual / Quad Channel Relay Multiplexer

A new product release by Intelligent Appliance – the IA-3133-U2i is a Dual 32 or Quad 16 Channel Relay Multiplexer, USB or RS-232 controlled.

Intelligent Appliance announced a new Relay Multiplexer Board with 32 Differential Channels or 16 Quad Channels, with a contact rating of 2 Amp @ 30VDC and 1Amp @ 115VAC.

This new board, IA-3133-U2i, made by Intelligent-Appliance, an innovative manufacturer, specializing in Data Acquisition and Control products for the Industrial, Building Control and Agriculture fields.

Controlling the IA-3133-U2i is a very simple task. The onboard firmware makes sure only one single channel is operating at any given time, while ensuring “Make-before-Break” functionality, for multi-source secure operation.

The IA-3133-U2i can be controlled by either USB or RS-232 port, and it includes a simple, transparent Daisy-Chain structure for an easy operation of up to 256 units.

The onboard USB port is of Virtual COM port nature, and it provides a Galvanic isolation between the PC to the relay multiplexer, eliminating any possible ground loop operation problems.
As a real or virtual RS-232 controlled device, any operation system can be supported, while future software updates, on the customer’s side, will be quite simple, as it will not be a matter of software drivers update. The USB driver update is being done, automatically, by the PC Operating System, and has no effect on customer’s dedicated software.

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