Industrial Isolated USB/RS-232 Relay I/O Controller from Intelligent Appliance

Intelligent-Appliance is proud to present the IA-3174-U2, a new original product. It’s a new Relay I/O Controller with several new features: 32-ch completely wired and accessed DPDT relays, several Operation modes and Daisy Chain capability.

Intelligent Appliance is announcing a new original product, the IA-3174-U2. This is a new Relay I/O Controller with several new features.

The IA-3174-U2 includes 32-ch DPDT relays with a complete wiring access of 6 wires per channel, several Operation modes that includes in addition to standard Random Access operation of 1 to 32 relays, a unique Single Relay operation or Dual Relays operation that might be used for Dual or Quad Pole multiplexing, that is firmed and well secured against erroneous commands.

As a Series-3000 compatible product, the IA-3174-U2 includes a simple transparent Daisy Chain capability that makes use of standard connectors and a standard cable, being attached to each controller, price included.

The IA-3174-U2 software package includes Setting and Operation utilities, as well as open code software samples for fast system integration.

Initial units have already been incorporated in companies that provide Electronic Manufacturing Services, Automobile Parts and Supplies-Manufacturers and companies that provide Smart Home Solutions. For more information about the IA-3174 or about the manufacturer Intelligent Appliance please contact
Sales Department; sales@intelligent-appliance.com
For technical issues contact support@intelliengt-appliance.com

Intelligent Appliance is a Designer and Manufacturer specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, Communication, Peer to Peer, Digital and Analog I/O modules, USB Relay board Controllers, RS-232 and Motion Control building blocks since 2000 and releases around 4 new products a year.

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