64-ch Digital Input Module

IA-3123-2 64-ch Digital Input Module Controlled by daisy-chain RS-232 communication method, IA-3123-2 serves as building block for digital data collection ... also incorporates stand-alone peer-to-peer operation. The IA-3123-2 is an intelligent 64-ch Digital Input Module ... 232 Communication method, and is a part of the IA Multi-system Series. This module has several special ...
This module has several features, including automatic report, peer-to-peer operation, handling both PNP and NPN devices, positive and negative logic, while supporting a wide input voltage range.

The IA-3123-2 is a low-cost building block for a massive digital data collection of more than 16,000 discrete points, through a single PC port.

Automatic report gives the module the ability to generate ASCII strings according to its input status, as a result of a change in its digital input status.

This optional ability eliminates the need for 'polling' the data by software, leaving more time for host CPU tasks.

Stand-alone peer-to-peer operation offers the ability to operate remote relays, populating a remote relays board as the IA-3131, through a wired RS-232 line or through a fibre or wireless as an IA-2585-W pair, without the need of an intermediate computer, and without the need for writing code

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