A new 24 channels Solid State Relay Controller has been announced by Intelligent-Appliance.

Intelligent-Appliance has recently announced a new Industrial Power Digital I/O Controller, IA-3124-U, with 24 Solid State Relay function and 24 Digital Input channels, designed into a small foot print module.

Solid State Relays are an ideal solution for a massive operation task thanks to the fast and endless operation capability of these devices.

The IA-3124-U is USB controlled, capable of supporting easily and transparently tens of IA-3000 Series controllers, with a current sink output of 1Amp per channel at a voltage range of 8 to 32VDC. Its Digital Input range is even wider, being able to handle 5V Logic range, as well.

The IA-3124-U includes a Dual Watchdog Protection to secure a solid operation in general and well defined behavior in case of communication loss.

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